The 13 Letter ‘Aha!’

Spatialosophy™ is a concept that describes what can be seen and what can be felt.  It’s a specific way of looking, planning, designing, and envisioning the possibilities of a space.  I can state that clearly now.  But that wasn’t always the case.


It was one of those aha! moments.  That’s how the word ‘spatialosophy’ came to me, in the midst of a two-year practitioner research project (as a National After School Matters Fellow).

Spatial ambience was the term that I had been applying to this work all along.  But, there was something more that I wanted to get to.  The way I saw it, there was a philosophy to this—a ‘spatialosophy.’  I started writing this word in my notes.  I wasn’t thinking about creating a word at the time, but it became the only one that could fully articulate the design concept I was developing.

Fast forward to now:HTTP3d3dy5idXNpbmVzcy52aWMuZ292LmF1L19fZGF0YS9hc3NldHMvaW1hZ2UvMDAwNC8xMDE4MjY0L0ZvcndhcmRjbG9ja19yZXRpbmEuZ2lm

Whether looking through the lens of an educator or a designer, I see every space as a canvas.  We are all co-designers in the spaces we inhabit.  Using insight gleaned from years of practitioner research and application, I created Spatialosophy™ as a resource for those in the Education field; a way for educators to empower themselves and enhance the experiences of their students.  These resources are a blueprint for envisioning and creating possibilities for diverse, inclusive, safe & supportive learning communities where students and educators thrive.

The Spatialosophy™ journey has been rooted in the pursuit of possibilities.  That word itself—possibilities—is what brought this project into existence.  I see possibilities in every classroom or designated learning space I enter.  The adventure is following where those possibilities may lead.  Every setting is different.  But I believe that every setting can be enhanced and improved with the proper support.

Learning environments should be places where young people and their teachers are encouraged to thrive, where they feel supported, and where they feel safe. Spatialosophy™ is essential to achieving this.

—Devan Blackwell / Creator of Spatialosophy™

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