“Spatial Exploration”—Book Excerpt

Spatialosophy™ has been a journey of spatial exploration which started many years ago, while I was an elementary school student, very sensitive to the spaces around me.


Back then, I never felt safe in school.  Beginning in fourth grade and lasting three brutal years, I was the target of relentless bullying, and emotional cruelty & physical abuse—inflicted by peers and the adults who I thought were supposed to protect me.  There was no emotional support for me at the time.  Everyone saw, but no one intervened.  School was a place that I came to dread; a place where I suffered in silence.  A place where my self-esteem was dismantled and my identity was disfigured—both nearly beyond repair.

Years later, I became a classroom teacher as a way of giving purpose to my own personal pain.  Within the walls of my own classroom and in the out-of-school time programs that I led, I created spaces where young people felt safe and supported, spaces that were culturally conscious and inclusive.  As my students thrived, so did I.

medium_7ee0b234-a568-4baf-957e-408559524cdbSuddenly, I found myself in a different environment—where the culture and climate of the school were equally turbulent, where incidents of violence and threats against students & staff went unreported, and where educators (like me) who questioned our safety faced the wrath of administration, which took many forms.  Again, I found myself without any proper support.  And again, school became a place that I came to dread.  Only this time, I refused to suffer or remain silent.  

I left the classroom and began a journey, destination unknown.  All I did know was that I wanted to bring something back, something that educators could use as a means of empowering themselves and enhancing their learning environments.

I discovered Spatialosophy™.

—From the forthcoming publication Spatial Exploration written by Devan Blackwell

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