Every Space As A Canvas

The possibility of…seeing every space as a canvas.

The Spatialosophy™ journey has been rooted in the pursuit of possibilities.  That word itself—possibilities—is what brought this project into existence.

I see possibilities in every classroom or designated learning space I enter.  The adventure is following where those possibilities lead.  Every setting is different.  But setting is everything.  I believe that every setting can be enhanced and improved with the proper support.

Whether looking through the lens of an educator or a designer, I see every space as a canvas—an emotional, functional canvas where human interactions and activities provide brushstrokes of color. Thinking from this perspective, educators must be intentional when designing the canvas of learning spaces. We are all co-designers in the spaces we inhabit.static1.squarespaceUsing insight gleaned from years of practitioner research and application, I created Spatialosophy™ as a resource for those in the Education field; a way for educators to empower themselves and enhance the experiences of their students.  These resources are a blueprint for envisioning and creating possibilities for dynamic learning communities where students and educators thrive.

Learning spaces should: cultivate social-emotional competencies; promote equity & inclusion; and, spark intellectual engagement. Spatialosophy™ is essential to achieving this.


—Devan Blackwell, M.A.

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