The Harvard Spark

For the past few days, I have been a part of an incredible learning community here at the Alumni of Color Conference at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. I have felt so energized in this space, engaged in dialogue and deconstructing issues that impact young people of color in educational spaces with researchers, scholars, artists, DREAMers, practitioners, activists, organizers, youth, and community leaders.        unnamed-1The conference, designed around the theme of RADICALIZE, REIMAGINE, RECONSTRUCT, was all about sparking ideas for change. I’ve always seen education as being about service. But, education is also about activism—for equity, diversity and inclusion.

We’ve all been given the duty of putting the ideas 💡 sparked here into action back in our communities to create positive change.  When I envision that positive change, I see learning environments being places that encourage, inspire, and support all young people to become their best selves.

I see Spatialosophy™.

(c) 2018 Devan Blackwell, M.A.

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