Italy / U.S. Exchange

I can’t believe that the International Learning Exchange (ILE) with the National AfterSchool Alliance comes to an end today. This past week has gone so quickly! Four days ago, I landed in Rome and joined up with the ILE group—an eclectic mix of over two dozen educators and youth advocates from the U.S.—, and we hit the ground running! IMG_2712I snapped this pic of only part of the group—which represents Florida, New York, Tennessee, New Orleans, Illinois, New Mexico, California and more—, as we headed to an inspiring afterschool learning space in the city called Explora Museum (a place I didn’t want to leave).

We’ve also participated in interactive panel discussions / meeting of the minds with educators from this country to discuss the similarities and differences that exist between our education systems. Fellow ILE participant Wendy Roush took these two photos, capturing one of the panels.IMG_2898I’m leaving Rome with so many rich ideas to take back home and apply to my work—both as an educator and as a possibility enthusiast. Looking over the notes I took during the lecture panels and discussions with educators here in Italy, I see that many of these ideas concern developing as a whole person.

While these ideas were presented to us as ways to enhance the learning experiences of the students we serve, I also see them as reminders of how we can actualize better ways of being/doing/living in our adult lives.

Here are a few of those ideas that I wanted to share:

💡Our inner growth as human beings must progress as technology does. 💡We must be consistent in the development of our capacities as lifelong learners. 💡As lifelong learners, we must commit to personal and professional development through: formal and informal study, training opportunities, life experience, and interaction with the world around us.

💡We must understand a sense of unity in the world 🌎 and the unity of life. 💡In the Universe, we must see that everything is linked. 💡We must see ourselves as being a scientist of life, whose work is to: explore, think freely, live consciously, learn from all that we experience, and always see possibilities. —dbIMG_2764

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