A Global Perspective

The possibility of…a global perspective.

“You seem very curious about the world, and you ask lots of questions. This is a wonderful thing. It will make your life very rich.” This is what a traveler from France 🇫🇷 said to me as we sat together at a cafe in Barcelona.

Traveling Europe for the past two weeks, I have had the opportunity to interact with, share meals and engage in meaningful dialogue with people from so many different parts of the world. They have come from Israel 🇮🇱, Denmark 🇩🇰, UK 🇬🇧, United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪, Finland 🇫🇮, Spain 🇪🇸, Italy 🇮🇹, Russia 🇷🇺, and many more places.

These experiences have all been rich opportunities for me to realize (yet again) that no matter where we come from in the 🌎 and how different those places might be from one another, at our core as human beings, we have more similarities than differences.

The Spatialosophy™ framework and classroom curriculum (launching this fall) promote a society where a range of different human needs, experiences, values and perspectives are recognized and validated. My recent global learning experience in Europe has only deepened my commitment to the work I do as an educator and designer of learning spaces. This includes: working to identify and remove barriers to full participation in society, while simultaneously seeking to create new conditions that promote equity and inclusion.IMG_2679In learning spaces, I see possibilities for such a world 🌎 to exist.

—Devan B. / Spatialosophy™

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