Project 6×6

Spatialosophy™ was created for students and educators alike.

In the fall of 2018, pilots of Project 6×6, a Spatialosophy™ framework and curriculum, will be implemented in classrooms and other designated learning spaces.  This blend of research, science and applied practitioner experience offers a wellspring of possibilities for creating dynamic learning communities where students and educators thrive.


The Project 6×6 pilot will include:

  • A design guide for teachers that maps out the six components of the Spatialosophy™ framework (setting, practice, alignment, culture, engagement, and social-emotional learning) and best practices for applying each to their learning environment;
  • Action-oriented lesson plans from the Spatialosophy™ classroom curriculum  designed to: promote inquiry-based and collaborative learning; create a learning community where the full range of different human needs, experiences, values and perspectives are recognized and validated; and, encourage students to utilize their natural (individual) abilities and enhance their understanding of how to integrate knowledge and multiple ways of knowing as they navigate a life of learning and problem-solving, both in and beyond the classroom.
  • Spatialosophy™ reflection journals (teacher and student versions);
  • Classroom library selections that support the cultivation of social-emotional competencies and promote inclusion;
  • Coaching sessions with Spatialosophy™ creator Devan Blackwell, M.A.

Learning spaces should: cultivate social-emotional competencies; promote equity & inclusion; and, spark intellectual engagement. Spatialosophy™ is essential to achieving this.

For information on how to pilot the free Project 6×6 framework and classroom curriculum in your learning space, send inquiries to:  (Type Project 6×6 in the subject line.)


(c) Devan Blackwell, M.A.