Trainings & Workshops

Spatialosophy™, LLC offers signature professional trainings and workshops (for school districts and youth-serving organizations nationally) specifically designed to improve the quality and delivery of learning & instruction by creating spaces that cultivate social-emotional competencies, and are culturally conscious and inclusive.


Spatialosophy™ 101


The Spatialosophy™ framework provides a specific way of looking at and envisioning possibilities for creating diverse, inclusive, safe & supportive learning communities where students and educators thrive.  The Spatialosophy™ 101 workshop explores the characteristics and attributes of what an emotionally intelligent, culturally conscious, and inclusive learning space looks and feels like.  This workshop also explains how these factors enhance the quality of experiences had by youth and adults in places where learning occurs.

This workshop can be delivered in either 90-minute or 180-minute presentations for educators.medium_7ee0b234-a568-4baf-957e-408559524cdbSpatialosophy™, LLC will design and facilitate other professional trainings and workshops (not listed).


As a service for prospective clients, Spatialosophy™, LLC  will conduct a needs analysis by researching and identifying training needs within a school district, non-profit organization, or company, in order to tailor a detailed blueprint for the most relevant training or workshop.

Consulting fees are determined by the scope of each engagement. We work closely with each partner to define and commit to expected deliverables. If you would like to arrange a consultation with Spatialosophy™, LLC to explore possibilities for improving your learning space and/or education programs via our professional trainings and workshops, please send inquiries to: (Type Trainings & Workshops in the subject line.)