Trainings & Workshops

Spatialosophy™, LLC facilitates signature professional trainings and workshops specifically designed for school districts and youth-serving organizations.

Spatialosophy™ 101


Spatialosophy™ 101 explores the concept of spatial ambiance, its characteristics and attributes (what a positive learning space looks and feels like), and explains how these factors enhance the quality of experiences had by youth and adults in places where out-of-school time programs occur.  Learning environments should be places where young people are encouraged to thrive, where they feel supported, and where they feel safe. Spatialosophy™ is essential to achieving this.

While the process does involve design thinking and attention to aesthetics, Spatialosophy™ also focuses on the goals and functions of a learning space.  Attendees will participate in hands-on activities during the session and leave with take-home ideas on how to apply Spatialosophy™ to the design of their learning environments.

Spatialosophy™ 101 can be presented as a full or half-day workshop for educators.medium_7ee0b234-a568-4baf-957e-408559524cdbSpatialosophy™, LLC will design and facilitate other professional trainings and workshops (not listed).


As a service for prospective clients, Spatialosophy™, LLC  will conduct a needs analysis by researching and identifying training needs within a school district, non-profit organization, or company, in order to tailor a detailed blueprint for the most relevant training or workshop.