Consulting & Evaluation

Spatialosophy™ provides consulting and evaluation services, working with leaders to: use and disseminate data to inform decisions; conduct formative and summative evaluations that assess the quality of a program’s achievements; and, develop strategies to help programs meet mandated requirements and demonstrate accountability to stakeholders and funding sources.

We aim to help our partners find solutions in three critical endeavors: measurement, engagement and improvement.

Measurement services help partners achieve the following objectives:

  • Design measurement strategies that fit your school, organization or community’s priorities and capacities.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of young people’s experiences in schools and youth programs using a mix of quantitative (youth surveys) and qualitative (interviews, observation, and focus groups) methods.
  • Effectively administer Spatialosophy™ surveys and other sources to improve young people’s non-cognitive skills, social-emotional strengths, and other factors that influence their success in school and in life.
  • Develop customized measures of the strengths and supports in young people’s lives to align with the goals and priorities of schools, youth programs, and community coalitions.EllipsisEngagement services help partners engage youth, parents, and other stakeholders to achieve the following objectives:
  • Strengthen collective impact efforts through intentional efforts to engage individuals and groups in supporting youth development and education initiatives in their communities.
  • Identify strategies that offer meaningful ways for diverse groups and people to contribute to shared goals, based on their strengths and priorities.
  • Build coalitions that work together for youth development and education priorities across diverse cultures, sectors, and ideologies.
  • Encourage sustained commitment to collective goals, actions, and impact.EllipsisImprovement services help partners achieve the following objectives:
  • Provide current research on education and youth development to inform program planning and organizational improvement, while minimizing the burden on partner agency’s staff.
  • Develop logic models for use in funding proposals, improvement plans, and evaluations that link program components to desired outcomes.
  • Facilitate data-guided improvement processes that clarify objectives, build relationships within and across organizations, and use trial-and-error strategies to continuously improve outcomes.

We work closely with each partner to define and commit to expected deliverables. If you would like to arrange a consultation with us to explore possibilities for improving your learning space and/or education programs via the services we provide, send inquiries to: (Type Consultation Inquiry in the subject line.) *Fees are determined by the scope of each engagement.


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